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Why choose a Gianneschi pump?

Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers are an important market leader in the international marine business supplying pumps and blowers for luxury boats, work boats, and small military boats.
We offer Gianneschi products and solutions suitable for areas such as treatment systems, circulation, and cooling. Providing individual pump products or complete packages of pumps, water pressure systems and engine pumps.

Comprehensive range of chilled water components and systems



    An excellent all rounder pump with Brass impeller in Ecojet/Jet series (optional for Ecoinox version) ideal for Fresh and Seawater.  The pumps are compact and long lasting featuring a Noryl impeller in the Ecoinox series. This range is self priming with an integrated diffuser and venturi pipe

  • NEW-BMA-S-2


    Perfect for Ballast, Circulation, Bilge, SW & FW along with Firefighting, the BMA-S series is designed for IEC flanged motors, a fast self priming pump offering an excellent output with limited power.

  • ACB-431-C.C.-D.C.

    ACB 331/332/431

    Simple and compact, the ACB range offer an outstanding self-priming solution for fresh, sea water, bilge, fire fighting and Diesel. Constructed from bronze with a bronze impeller and stainless steel shaft.

  • MBMA


    A compact and easily serviceable diesel powered pump, with manual and/or electric start up. Pump is ideal for Bilge and Fire fighting purposes. This range can be supplied with a robust, portable base.

  • FT_CB_22


    We offer a range of CB pumps, offering a high performance with limited power needed. Ideal for Fresh and Sea Water and a chilled water circulation system. Offered with open or close impellers.

Downloads, Catalogs & Spec Sheets

Easy to find resources for our range of Gianneschi pumps

WPS-ZBDR-ZBDG spec sheet

Download 881.67 KB 1 downloads

WPS-TANK spec sheet

Download 822.26 KB 1 downloads

WPS-SINGLE spec sheet

Download 1.04 MB 0 downloads

WPS-IDROMINI spec sheet

Download 1.01 MB 1 downloads

WPS-DOUBLE spec sheet

Download 635.01 KB 0 downloads

WPS-CE-SINGLE spec sheet

Download 1.46 MB 0 downloads

WPS-CE-DOUBLE spec sheet

Download 1.15 MB 1 downloads

VCR-VCP spec sheet

Download 1.28 MB 2 downloads

VAT-IB spec sheet

Download 960.84 KB 2 downloads

PQ-FQB spec sheet

Download 1,016.92 KB 0 downloads

MVI spec sheet

Download 1.09 MB 0 downloads

MVG spec sheet

Download 996.85 KB 0 downloads

IN-FQ spec sheet

Download 947.61 KB 1 downloads

HAND PUMPS spec sheet

Download 968.13 KB 1 downloads


Download 1,013.48 KB 0 downloads

CP spec sheet

Download 2.43 MB 2 downloads

Control Pump spec sheet

Download 1.85 MB 1 downloads

Compressors spec sheet

Download 1.07 MB 1 downloads

CB spec sheet

Download 1.07 MB 1 downloads

BMA-S spec sheet

Download 1.43 MB 2 downloads

BMA-M & BMA-G spec sheets 1.05 MB 0 downloads


ACM spec sheet

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ACG spec sheet

Download 1.51 MB 0 downloads

ACB 531-631 spec sheet

Download 1.46 MB 0 downloads

ACB 61G-80-90 spec sheet

Download 1.03 MB 1 downloads